Canvas QuickTool: create-pages

Create template-based wiki pages for student use with incrementing counters and student names in the page title (revised 14 Oct 2015 2:41pm)


Enter the domain name you use to access your school's Canvas installation. This might be or or similar.

Course ID:

Enter the Canvas Course ID located in the URL you use to access your course on Canvas (e.g.,


Click "settings" in the top-right corner of Canvas, Scroll to "Approved Integrations" and click "New Access Token", give it a name, an expiration, then click "Generate Token", then copy-paste the long access token here.

Page Title:

Template for each wiki page name. You may use the following dynamically-replaced variables: @@[email protected]@ will display the current numeric counter value (if any) and @@[email protected]@ will display the current student's name (if any)


This is the numeric counter for page titles. To remove, set both values to zero.
Example: Week 5 Journal (Alice)


(optional) Enter the names of the Students to include in the page title, separated by commas. Do not include a comma at the end of the list. To remove, leave blank.
Example: Week 5 Journal (Alice)


(optional) On your course Canvas, find an existing wiki page you would like to use as a template. Click on "Edit this page" and then the "Switch Views" link at the top-right of the edit toolbar. Select all the HTML code and copy it to your clipboard, then paste it in the text box below (in many web browsers you may grab a corner of the text box and make it larger to display more of the HTML). You may use the @@[email protected]@ and @@[email protected]@ replacement variables.